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Blue Sky Baking

Simply delicious.

Blue Sky Baking

What We're About

Focusing on traditional recipes made with premium ingredients the old- fashioned way, Blue Sky Baking is committed to delivering the best cookies you’ve ever had (other than Grandma’s) to the Portland area.  Each cookie is meant to stop you in your tracks, inspire you to slow down for a bit, and enjoy a few bites of happiness and sunshine, regardless of the weather outside.  Our cookies aren’t fancy or fussy, just fabulous. Now you can have the best cookies for your special occasion or just for snacking, whenever you need them.  And I think we can all agree, everyone needs a great cookie once in a while!


Everyone has cookie needs.

What are yours?

Cookies & Bars

Cookies and Bars

Seriously delicious.

We currently have 7 cookies and 2 bars to choose from. All of our cookies are soft and chewy, and our bars are simply heavenly. Since everything is homemade, we require 72 hour advance notice. Minimum of two dozen of the same flavor per order. Cookies are $12/dozen, bars are $14/dozen. Delivery to the greater Portland, Oregon area (fees apply) or pick up options available. 

Now, the really hard part: choosing which ones.

Eat what makes you happy.




Please call to make an order. But if you'd like to make a comment or ask a question, feel free to email me using the form below:

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About Rachel

Rachel Rencher

Creator of cookie perfection.

Rachel grew up in rural Washington state in an environment that felt more like the 50’s than the 70’s. Her grandmother was the quintessential homemaker, with mad skills ranging from crocheting to sewing to cooking. She was Rachel’s first inspiration in the kitchen. 


From an early age, cookies were Rachel's go-to dessert and sweet snack, but she found there were many cookies out there that didn’t hit the spot. That's when she started making her own. As a professional musician, making music as perfect as possible is part of the job. Of course that would extend into cookie making. She was always in search of the recipe, tool, or technique that would give her the magic combination for the perfect cookie.


The more she baked, the more she wanted to share her cookies with others. She began taking them to her rehearsals and concerts, sharing them with her colleagues. Their reactions surprised her. Based on their positive feedback, she decided to start Blue Sky Baking. 


Everyone has cookie needs, whether it’s for a birthday party or baby shower; end of the year soccer or class party; a business meeting or those times when your team has to work late. And in each of those instances, don’t you want the best cookie you’ve ever eaten?

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